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I’ve known Terry Nobles and his whole family for years before I approached him about handling my home & auto insurance. Funny, he never really brought it up. I think he was almost overcautious about not wanting me to feel obligated. Glad I switched over because I never knew how much better my whole “insurance experience “ could be until I had an agent (& agency) who REALLY takes care of me, answers my calls, calls me back quick, then GETS IT DONE. We’ve expanded our coverages after come residential & commercial real estate purchases & everything ALWAYS runs smoothly.....at least the insurance part of it. I’d encourage anyone who wants THE BEST SERVICE to use Nobles Agency & put your trust in the Nobles Family. You won’t be disappointed! I’ll be a client for LIFE.

It is hard to believe, but I have done business with Nobles Insurance Agency for 40 years! That's a long relationship and I've always been very happy and grateful for it. Terry Sr. was a great person for me to know in the early days and was always very helpful. Thanks for all the friendship, service, and care you have shown us throughout the years. Looking forward to many more!

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