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5 Situations Where You Will Be Glad You Opted For Liability
                Homeowners insurance is a must for every Long Island home buyer. All reputable mortgage companies require insurance coverage for the fair value of a property (often determined by the purchase price) and will not approve a loan without proof of it....

3 Of The Most Common Home Insurance Claims During Winter
For Long Island, NY homeowners, the winter months can be worrying. From slippery icy driveways to equipment that refuses to function in freezing temperatures. The colder months often make home insurance even more needed than usual. ...

What is Wear and Tear? And why isn’t it covered on homeowners insurance?
When an object is used every day, its condition tends to decline. This is what is referred to as wear and tear. In a home, wear and tear refers to the property's deterioration after it has been used as intended. The deterioration should not be due to carelessness, accidents, misuse, or abuse of the property's contents either by you, your guests, visitors, or your household members....

What is an umbrella policy and why do you need one?
Home & Auto Insurance area a necessity for every Long Island homeowner and car owner. It covers your posessions from a wide range of perils as indicated on the policy. However, despite this assurance, there is always a possibility that your coverage limits may not be sufficient to cover the cost of loss, injury or damage....

8 Reasons Home Insurance Rates Increase Every Year
If you are a homeowner, chances are very good that you understand the benefits of home insurance especially on Long Island where the home values are relatively high. But chances are also very good that you are irked by the fact that insurance rates typically increase year after year....

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