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Newberry Insurance Group was so manageable and convenient to work with while we were opening a new business. Six years later, we have multiple business policies with Newberry. The customer service is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I also use Newberry Insurance Group for my personal vehicles. They always work to find the lowest, smartest rates for what I need. I would highly recommend Newberry Insurance Group to anyone looking for an insurance policy.

Thank you very much!... This 25% savings is incredible! It is testimony to the power of what a broker can do for the customer... I am very glad that I found your insurance agency.

You all have always looked out for us concerning our insurance! We are treated great by you and Tom’s staff, I always feel comfortable calling you guys.

Just wanted to thank you for your services last week in helping all of the transition matters move forward without a glitch. You were professional, pleasant and very helpful.

I have been a client of WJI for 15 years. I have always found the staff to be professional and courteous. I have 7 different policies, both business and personal. Each year, all 7 are reviewed to ensure that they are the best premiums and coverage available without my having to ask. I know insurance can be expensive these days but I trust WJI to make sure I am getting the best policies available. I highly recommend them for all of your insurance needs.

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Services Offered
Auto Homeowners
Bonds Life
Business & Commercial Recreational Vehicle
Disability Rental Property
Flood Umbrella Coverage
General Liability Workers Compensation