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Alex is my guy for health insurance. He is incredibly personable, really quick turnaround for anything you need, it’s hard to find people you can trust like Alex. He gave me ALL the options and didn’t push sales on policies like the majority of of other people in insurance. Would highly recommend him.

Alex is your guy. If you need any questions answered or need top notch service, he is the agent to go to. He is so knowledgeable and if he doesn't k now the answer he will find it for you. Alex has earned my highest recommendation.

I met Alex while I was working in the insurance industry. I respect his business practices so much that when I found myself in the market for car insurance for myself, I immediately thought of him, and he most definitely delivered. He got me a great rate on a great insurance plan.

Before calling him, I shopped around on my own and could only afford to get a basic insurance plan, then I went to Alex and he got me a full coverage plan for less than what I would've paid for the basic plan if I had gone it alone. Not only that but he got it set up for me within an hour(not to mention it was well after normal business hours).

He has always been very professional and responsive and has always showed genuine care for his clients. Even though I have many contacts within the insurance industry, I make it a point to send my own friends and family to Alex every chance I get because I know he will take great care of them and all of their needs will be met. From one insurance professional to another, Alex is one of the best in the business and  will not disappoint.

I am very happy with my choice - Tailored Werks a one stop shop insurance agency.  Efficient and convenient with BEST affordable rates to offer.  Excellent service, Good Quality 5/5 stars.

I have been with this insurance for a few years. My personal experience has been that I always get professionalism quick responses to my questions and problems.  My agent has always given me given me the best prices available. He also responds in a timely manner to any issue that may arise.
Over all due to the efficiency of my agent, I have recommended him to my friends and family.

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