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Catalina is the best!  Whenever I need help she's always the first to find a solution!  You guys rock!


Roswell, GA


When I moved to Georgia I was shocked at the price of auto insurance.  But I found Guardian Insurance in a local search and I am glad that I did.  They searched 7 different companies to find exactly what I needed and best of all what I could afford! Thank you guys for all your help! 


Buford, GA


The staff at Guardian is always super helpful and friendly.  Whenever I have a question they are always more than happy to help.


Lawrenceville, GA

Guardian Insurance helped me when I needed it the most.  I had just lost my job, my bills were piling up and I needed a way to keep my home and my car covered while I got back on my feet.  I met with my agent and she  helped me find a way to keep the bank happy and drive legally.  She helped me save almost $200 dollars a month on my home and auto policies. They took their time and worked hard for me!  That's something that's hard to find.

        Stone Mountain, GA

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