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I was looking for insurance and my wife suggested to call Moji. After contacting him, I knew this was the best suggestion. Moji answered all my questions and was so friendly. He did exactly as he promised. He is very knowledgeable and expert in his field. Every time I called him, he was available and treated me like a family. I highly recommend him for all your insurance needs. Parviz F.

Moji deserves sky with full of STARS everyone. His knowledge in the field is extensive. Honest and transparent.
It has been a pleasure knowing him for last eight years.

I will cut this short & sweet.
Fast, Responsible, Professional.
I should say UNBELIEVABLE "Fast, Responsible & Professional" Customer Service.
Just call, you'll get your job done in no time.

Thanks Mr. Fakourfar

It's been my pleasure to know Mr. Mojtaba Fakourfar, dba Moji Insurance, for the past few months. As his client, I have had many opportunities to engage in conversation with Mr. Fakourfar. He has always been prepared answering my questions, exhibiting his personal dedication and discipline, a trait necessary for success in this field. He takes his profession seriously with full competence and zealous.
It is my opinion that Mr. Fakourfar will continue to be an excellent insurance agent and I do not hesitate to recommend him for all of your insurance needs.

Moji has provided outstanding service to our family directing us to meaningful health coverage.  This turned out to be a life saver in recent medical treatments which were extensive and costly.  Not only did he demonstrate deep knowledge about the insurance offerings, but he displayed sincere concern and care in assuring the best choices on our behalf.  I cannot imagine a better source for health insurance advice. Moji is highly recommended when seeking such coverage.

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