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I loved working with MedProOne...I worked with their team refinanced $168,000 with a lender I never heard from 8% to 4.25% over 12 years. Me and my wife are so happy. We are saving several hundred dollars every month!! Very grateful y friend at work told me about MedPro. I also recieved a $1000 from a promotion they had after I refinanced!!!

I refinanced my medical school student loans that were $250k at a rate of 6.85% and higher. Thru the MedPro program, I was able to Refi my loans to a 3.625% interest rate and save a lot of money over the life of my loan!! Thanks to MedPro One, a true for us (med professionals) by us (owners are med professionals) company.

Refinance 87k with LendKey through MedPro One. I received the $500 bonus as advertised. I contacted MedPro directly to confirm the $500 bonus will be rewarded. I recommend doing the same just to confirm.

Wanted to say thank you to MedPro One ! I was informed about your student loans programs by a RN at work. I refinanced with Sofi through your website at your discounted rate. I was able to get a 2.5% rate over 7 years for my remaining $71k. Thank you once again!

"I was told about MedPro One at work. I applied to Earnest through MedPro One and refinanced $101,000 to 1.91%  variable loan."

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