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I was looking for a Life insurance plan and this guys found the right solution for me and my wife.


I called for my Dad's insurance and spoke to Alex, he was able to recommend a Medigap plan that was affordable to him and at the same time he was able to solve all her problems. He was a very kind guy and made my Dad and I feel like if we had an advocate helping us, and he really care about my Dad's well being.

I would recommend him to anyone that needs a knowledgeable guy that cares about his elderly clients.


I spoke to Laura and she was able to recommend a drug plan that actually paid for all my current prescriptions and saved me a ton of money.

They also gave me a fantastic Medicare presentation that answered everything I wanted to know about Medicare. 

I will be going to their next free seminar in October.


They recommended that we go with a Medigap plan, and I just had some major surgery and we paid $0.

I love this guys!


The people at Medigaptoday were amazing, they sat down with me and spent at least a couple of hours explaining the plan to me and answering all my questions.

At 65 years old and not having any experience on the subject, this guys were a live saver

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