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Crystal has been my agent well over 20 year. I will not go to any place else. She always give me great rates. Crystal and her staff at C&E has always been been kind and courteous. I have sent friends and family to her and she would always give them the best rate. Crystal has become more than my agent she's like family. Keep up the good work!!!

HUGE, huge thank you to C&E financial and their staff. Always looking out for us! OH and my favorite girl is back....thank you Dawn Riehl for your help and welcome back!!!

Criss, Thank you for the fantastic news and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help. You are another one of the reasons I have been with C&E for as long as I have !

I love C&E insurance. With regrets I left this company after being a client for several years to go with what I thought at the time was a better deal financially. Huge mistake! I had to put in a claim with the people that I had switched to. The worst problems I ever had to deal with. A year later I am still disputing the claim with the Hartford. I never had a problem with anything when I was with C&E. My reason for changing was only for financial gain which I ended up paying 10 times more in the long run for my losses that were not covered. I have so many issue still outstanding. John and crystal give you personable service and direct you accordingly. I will never leave again to save a couple hundred dollars. Little did I know that the savings were also deletions to my policy that covered less. I'm living and learning to read these policies. With John and crystal they explain everything in detail and go through it with you. You leave there knowing what you have. I appreciate good business representation. This is a great business and honest business on a more personal business than any company I have ever dealt with.

I have been a customer of C & E Insurance for years, and throughout the years Crystal and Jon has helped me with my personal and business insurance needs. I am thankful to have Crystal as a resource, she makes it easy to contact and speak with her, and she helps you anyway that she can. She makes you feel like your best interest is her priority. For this I am grateful and appreciate all that she have do and have done, to lower my premiums, get me the insurance coverage necessary to conduct my business, and she is a pleasure to work with. I feel covered with C & E, thanks Crystal & Jon.

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