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Customer service is good. Every time I needed help answering questions or modifying my insurance to fit my budget & needs the staff here has always been willing to help and work with me. For me one reason I am still with McKinney insurance is because of the good customer service their staff brings. And yes, I am gonna hashtag it. #GoodCustomerService #WillAnswerWhenYouCall #FriendlyStaff

Agents are always helpful and go the extra mile for their customers. Thanks!

I have had all my auto, home, and business insurance with McKinney Insurance for the past 31 years and have been very pleased with their service. In all that time I have never considered using anyone else.

McKinney Insurance has excellent customer service, I highly recommend them.

Chad and the McKinney Insurance team have been very helpful to me and to both of my sons. We appreciate their concern and responsiveness in getting the best insurance coverage for our needs.

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