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Customer service is a rarity today, especially when it tech related and I’m Not conversant enough. Tiffany Robbins is our go to C/S help. She is always pleasant professional knowledgeable and willing to help. She is a true assesst to your brokerage.

I cannot say enough good things about McInnis! They are so responsive and helpful in every way.

Ms. Mary worked tirelessly for us when we had a miscommunication issue through our insurance. She remembered us and did not let us fall through the cracks. We can't thank you enough for giving our insurance a little nudge??


Life happens to us all, we don't wake up and say.  Okay life bring it on, I'm ready.  But when it does happen there usually is not a warning. I had life to happen to us last year with a leak in our roof.  What should have been so simple turned into a year long process.  But life didn't stop. I couldn't say hold on.  I had to ride along. It was so hard and difficult. But the bright star , My saving grace was Mary Morris who works for McInnis. She fought for me when I did not have the strength or drive to fight for myself. I am so thankful that God sent her to advocate for us.  I am so thankful that Mary Morris was there to be a beacon in a very wary time. 


Harolyn Benjamin


I just want to thank Tiffany Robbins for the wonderful service she has

provided since we have been with McInnis Insurance.  During the last few months she has worked closely with us as we made a transition to a new home.  During this time she also offered to compare rates on our rental property to insure that we are receiving the best rates on that policy also.  It is so nice to know that she is always a call or email away.

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