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Common Homeowner Exclusions
Common Homeowner Exclusions                   Homeowner policies come with coverages for both property and liability.  When a policy is written, it is intended to cover the normal functions and operations in a home....

Getting Your Home Prepped for Fall & Winter
Getting Your Home Prepped for Fall & Winter Although most people dread the approaching fall & winter weather, it’s unavoidable so we should do all that we can to make them as enjoyable & safe as possible. This is a good time to do some work around the home & check out your property....

The Importance of Reviewing Your Insurance Policies
The Importance of Reviewing Your Insurance Policies It is very important to review your insurance policies when you receive them. Most homeowner policies run for a one year term and auto policies can be six month or annual policies so you should review the information at the renewal as well as any time that you have made a change to your policy....

Why You Should Purchase Towing.
Why you should Purchase Towing on your Personal Auto Policy   Quite often we have clients that decline towing/roadside coverage because they have AAA or it comes with their extended warranty from their new vehicle purchase. The following example is a situation that one of our clients experienced where having the towing coverage AND AAA benefited them: ...

How Does Driving for Lyft Affect My Insurance?
How does driving for Lyft affect my insurance?   Times and transportation methods continue to change constantly.  Especially in bigger cities, it is more and more common for an individual to not own a car and to rely on public transportation for transportation needs....