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After being nickel and dimed by my previous car insurance and seeing my rates rise again while I did nothing, I shopped around for car insurance and found myself settled on Erie Insurance. The Lafaro Insurance Agency was open, honest, and easy to work with. When I had a question, they answered it in a way that helped me understand my options and make the best choice for me. Their customer service was top-of-the-line and I felt like I was more than just another customer to them. I'm happy I found Lafaro Insurance Agency and I certainly hope that this insurance serves me well for years to come. 

The Lafaro Insurance agency worked with me on the insurance that I needed for my home, auto, and my business. They were kind and knowledgeable and able to walk me through each item, giving me plenty of examples so I would know exactly what I was agreeing to. It really was a pleasant experience, and I feel totally protected for the first time in many years. 

I currently have a commercial auto policy with the Mantsch-Lafaro Insurance company. Bob was able to provide me with the coverage needed so that I am able to use my vehicle for pickup and delivery at a customers home. I would highly recommend this knowledgeable customer-friendly insurance company!


I shared your email with my husband, and I have to say, we were both impressed with your professionalism and honesty - you are someone we would like to work with. We appreciate you looking into other options and being frank about the services offered.

Thank you so much for catching the error and looking for other options. We are grateful for the help, as well as the care and concern you are taking to make sure that the error is corrected and we are reimbursed - this further strengthens my trust and confidence in you. Thank you.

I deeply appreciate the excellent customer service from the entire team and the depth of knowledge and expertise displayed by each of them. I highly recommend them!

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