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"Ed Malloy confidently steered me through the Medicare options available to me in Massachusetts. He patiently listened to my questions and had answers for all of them. He did not push any one option over any other, but did show pros and cons of each, regardless of the possible advantage to him to do otherwise.

Ed consolidated the daunting morass of Medicare down to a fairly simple to understand process and I feel much more relaxed and confident about the decisions I need to make in the coming months. He made sure I knew he was available for further questions or meetings.


 If there was a star rating for this service, I would gladly give Malloy SIX stars out of five…

HR, please continue to promote and utilize the Malloy Medicare Advisors service!


"I wanted to share with HR that the services of Malloy Advisors and Bill Wehmeyer, in particular, were invaluable as I made the transition to Medicare coverage in retirement.


Bill patiently explained each step. Initially he assisted with my Medicare Part B enrollment and provided multiple quotes for Part D and Part G coverage. He advised me of the option to appeal my IRMAA with my life change event of retirement and answered my questions when I completed the form.


With his help, today I enrolled with my Parts D & G carriers. I felt reassured and secure in my decisions because of Bill’s knowledge and guidance. I hope this will continue to be a company benefit for future retirees. Thank you for providing this expert assistance."



"Matt, you are a joy to talk to…very upbeat and happy. I love it! I cannot thank you enough for making something so complicated be taken down to exactly what you need to know.

I appreciate all of your time and help! You are very good at what you are doing…so keep up the good work for us older folk!"

"Hi Chris, just wanted to say thanks again for your help and expertise getting me started on Medicare! Thanks to Bill and Wess too!"


"Matt, thank you! You have been beyond helpful during this time. I don’t know what we would have done without you.

You are knowledgeable, efficient, and oh so patient. You get 100+ stars. I feel so lucky that you picked up my phone call back in March. Thanks for all you have done for us."

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