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I am a retiring kindergarten teacher.  I have been in my present school for 30.  I taught elsewhere for 9 years.  As this year moved along, I had been so upset what would lie ahead with all that comes with retirement, especially healthcare.  Marybeth put all of my anxiety to bed.  From the moment we began chatting, she was kind, considerate and most of all, knowledgeable.  Our first encounter was "overall information" then Marybeth soon reconnected and we did a tutorial online.  Although I had 2 other people try to explain to me what was ahead, I couldn't catch on until Marybeth showed me how the insurance was going to work in such an organized and CALM way.
I can't tell you how well she helped to eliminate the stress that I had
concerning the entire retirement process.  Look, I am a diehard kindergarten teacher ... I know SIMPLE but I didn't get that from anyone until Marybeth showed me the way and gave me the peace I needed.
You have a real gem in Marybeth!!

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