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You have an insurance policy and a friend borrows your car and hits a tree. Even though you weren’t driving, is your car still covered for the damages?  In short, yes. If you have the right coverage, insurance generally follows the vehicle rather than the driver, and the one driving doesn’t have to be named as an insured for the vehicle to be covered....

Do Business Owners Policies Cover Lawsuit Costs?
When you enroll in a business owners policy (BOP) as part of your commercial insurance benefits, you will receive several critical types of coverage in one package. There are numerous benefits available in this package, including liability coverage that is designed to protect you in case of negligent accidents that might lead you to face legal challenges....

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It’s no secret that people prefer to work for compassionate companies that understand their personal needs. These individuals will often work harder for a company that takes care of them, creating loyalty on both sides of the employment spectrum....

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