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Supplementing Your Medicare Benefits
You probably know a little bit about Medicare; at the very least, you know that it’s a government-sponsored healthcare program for seniors that begins at age 65. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Medicare coverage is divided into four parts:  ...

Does Medicare Cover Medicine Delivery?
Most basic Medicare and Medicare Advantage policies don’t cover prescription drug costs, much less delivery. However, if you have additional coverage such as Plan D, you could save money on your prescription drugs and have them delivered to your door.  ...

Does Medicare Advantage Cover Prescription Drugs?
Medicare Advantage plans are geared to cover gaps left by Original Medicare. While these plans combine coverage available by Original Medicare, they also include coverage for different health care needs you may face as you grow older.  At their most basic policies, neither Original Medicare nor Medicare Advantage cover prescription drugs....

What is Supplemental Medicare Insurance?
Supplemental Medicare Insurance is additional coverage that helps pays for things that original Medicare does not cover. Some types of supplemental Medicare pay for billed items such as deductibles, copayments or other medical costs that you would normally pay out-of-pocket.   ...

Does Original Medicare Cover Any Medication Costs?
When you become eligible for Medicare, you can better anticipate your future medical needs knowing you have coverage. However, Original Medicare might not cover all of your costs. Many people ask, how does this affect my prescription drug coverage?  ...

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