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At 29 & 31 with two children under the age of 4, my husband and I were confident that term life insurance was the best option for us.  Our agent at LionCrest Insurance Advisors showed us the long-term value of permanent whole life insurance and the financial flexibility it provides to us and our children as we move through the anticipated stages of our lives.  While it costs a little more per month, we think it’s worth it.  I wish we had purchased it earlier!

My agent at LionCrest Insurance Advisors helped me cancel some older life insurance policies I had carried from previous employers.  I now have a new term life policy with more and better coverage for significantly less cost.  The application and underwriting process was great.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Having recently lost my mother to a lengthy illness, I saw first hand the value of the long term care insurance (LTC) she had purchased years ago.  Needing, but not having LTC ourselves, my husband and I (in our mid 50's) were concerned about the cost of coverage.  After a informative consultation, our agent and his support team presented a hybrid LTC solution which creatively allowed us to fund a large portion of our policy from an IRA with little impact to our budget.  We are both covered, have tremendous peace of mind, and we even have a death benefit if the LTC is never completely used. 

I have high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.  My agent at LionCrest Insurance Advisors and his support staff knew which underwriters at which carriers were best to evaluate my life insurance application based on my medical history.  I saved over $40 per month in premium...nearly $500 per year!

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