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Mr. Singh had came in with his colleagues a few times to our precinct during role call. One of my buddies sent him up to speak to some of the guys on our squad. We`ve got a pleather of benefits but never realized on our Life Insurance that group rates doesn`t work for some of us. I endorse sitting with him because you may save money or not but you are more well informed when you do!

I had received a flyer from Mr. Singh in the mail. The small world it is..I recognized him, he had helped my cousin out in the past. He had got me some better deals on my Insurances. I needed a good Mortgage Broker and he has referred me to a rep that has been holding my hand the entire way. This is a very PHENOMANAL TEAM!

They are a clear and concise team. We had gotten used to a run around with people circling around the correct answers. The approach here was very direct. I own a pretty large construction company with my family and found out about this place from one of my trusted Foreman. Now I have trusted Financial Advisors. I give best wishes to this boutique firm to prosper. That`s how my family started in 1969, from one location to now 15 throughout the country.

Remarkable Rates and Great Service! The other Attorneys and colleagues in my firm will have their plans reviewed by Liberty Life LLC soon too!

Great Rates! I was paying too much money towards my MetLife policy for years. My husband and I sat with Mr. Singh. Mr. Singh showed us over 30 life insurance carrier quotes and shared with us the benefits of the companies he suggested. We decided to move forward and were able to get more coverage than what we were spending before. Now we can finally put more money towards our vacation fund to Fiji!

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