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Leiba & Associates was essential in helping me secure my peace of mind with my retirement as I did not know where to turn. I just retired from the City of West Palm Beach after 33 years. I attended Mr. Leiba's financial seminar with my brother and learned a great deal.  Up until that point, I was scared to open my 401K statement as I knew the market was doing poorly. I was able to transfer my retirement, tax-free without any issues. Thank you to you and your wonderful staff for their follow-ups and help.



Our interaction with Leiba & Associates has been nothing but productive and encouraging. With the market down year-to-date over 16% for 2022, my husband and I were watching our 401Ks dwindle right in front of our eyes. All those years of hard work were disappearing due to factors, ultimately, outside of our control. We were referred to Jason from our accountant who previously attended his financial seminar in Boca Raton. It was a breath of fresh air to know we had the opportunity to have our retirements safe with a Fixed-Indexed annuity. The annuity product ensured we would never lose our principal which gave us relief. We needed to stop the bleeding from market loses. That's exactly what your team did for us. Perfect timing.

I'm very happy with the decision I made to transfer my IRA to the annuity Mr. Leiba recommended. Not only was I worried about the Russian and Ukraine war affecting the gains in my IRA, when I called my broker, he told me I lost $8,302 last month because I was aggressive. That was just about my salary when working. I cannot afford to lose money in retirement. This annuity helps to ensure I don't lose anything anymore. Appreciate the help.

Very trustworthy and patience.  You took the time to answer all my questions. It's due to your relationship acumen, I transferred my 401K.  

I first met Jason through my sister he assisted with life insurance for her and her 2 children. I'm recently retired so I knew I would not have the old life insurance term policy from my work. Although I did not purchase a very large policy, I was still treated with respect and care. I was shopping around and was glad my sister referred me. I'm paying a comfortable amount for my budget now and feel safety for my family. 

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