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Erica and I are happy to move forward with our 403(b) and 457 investments from the school district. After retiring this February, we received a lot of opinions from family and friends where we should invest our money. My wife is particularly scared on the stock market as we lost a lot of money during the housing market crash back in 2008. We are both conservative and wanted to put our money somewhere safe, with no risk. We received that assurance with Leiba & Associates' annuity investments. 

I’ve worked with Mr. Leiba for 4 years now and he has taken great care of my family and I. I have always respected your thoughtfulness and patience. Thank you for your professionalism and helping me build generational wealth for my children. Highly recommended. God bless.

I attended one of Mr. Leiba’s financial seminars in Boca Raton and was pleased I did. As a retired Cuban lady, I was proud Jason is also half Cuban. As a Real Estate Broker, professionalism and networking is key. I was drawn to him as he is very driven, kind, and compassionate. I invested in his annuity investment and earned a large upfront bonus. I would recommend to all my fellow professionals.

We are pleased with our decision to go with Leiba & Associates for our investments. Their staff is knowledgeable and welcoming and compliments a work culture of excellence and thoroughness. Thank you for all your help.


I reside equally in New York & Florida. Coming back to Florida this past April, I came across one of Mr. Leiba commercials on tv discussing annuity investments that keep your principal investments safe from market declines and risk. Being that we are upon an election year this November 2024, and most importantly, me retiring in late 2023, I did not want to lose sleep over my retirement not being safe.

I called him and scheduled a meeting. He's a great guy. We instantly hit it off discussing cars. Once we got back to business, I knew we would have a professional relationship for some time. Although Mr. Leiba, a new person in my life, I felt very comfortable. My instinct to move forward was slow at first, however I felt I could relate to him. He creates a sense of trust and peace as he answered all my questions.

Although our meeting was over 3 hours, he did not make me feel rushed. All of my retirement investment documents were reviewed thoroughly.  He also gave me his recommendation after asking me what my financial aspirations and family needs were.  That's what I liked. My needs were put first.

I would recommend Mr. Leiba for your investment needs. He is a true professional.

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