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Clearly, I was misinformed about fixed indexed annuities. After attending Mr. Leiba's financial seminar in Boca Raton and the subsequent follow-up appointment, I was impressed by it's large upfront bonus, annual liquidity, and most importantly - the notion of knowing I would never lose any of my principle. After retiring six month ago, I have been attending financial seminars regularly  to educate myself on finances. I'm glad I decided to attend his seminar. Mr. Leiba helped me greatly, answered all of my many questions and took the time to explain everything thoroughly. He cares about his clients and treated me like family. 

We are happy to share our experience with Leiba & Associates and how they helped us secure our peace of mind through smart investing with our retirements. My sister and I are twins and we do and review everything together. When we received the invitation to attend the financial seminar in West Palm Beach, we did. We loved the restaurant and how the staff Paige and Jennifer were so welcoming into the financial seminar. The financial information we received from Mr. Leiba was greatly appreciated. After the seminar, my sister and I both made an appointment and its been a delightful ongoing process. The Leiba & Associates West Palm Beach office is near our home in Haverhill so it was an easy commute. We both received a very generous upfront bonus we are pleased with just starting into 2021. We love you all treating us both like family.


We are very pleased with the service we received from Mr. Leiba. We were referred to his office from our neighbor who is a current investment client of Leiba & Associates. We simply needed additional life insurance as we just welcomed our twin granddaughters January 2, 2021. The process was made easy to get approved and we received a great rate. We secured a preferred health rating, which lead to a favorable monthly payment. Nice work.


I was introduced by a friend to attend a seminar about finance, so I decided to attend. Mr. Jason was transparent and precise. I learned a lot in less than an hour. Right away I decided to invest my 401K.

My appointment at the office was professional, more transparent, and I discussed what my plans were. Mr. Jason knew exactly which investment I should be in. I would recommend any one to the seminar. Thanks Mr. Jason for your humbleness. 

We attended Mr. Leiba's powerful financial seminar in Boca Raton, Florida. My wife and I frequent Florida, by way of New York seasonally as newly retired judges. In recent months, our concerns arose where we would feel most comfortable investing our retirements. We've both served on the bench collectively over decades, thus our nest egg was imperative to protect. Covid-19 and the upcoming presidential election made it most relevant to find the safest risk-free financial vehicle to invest. This seminar gave us the security we sought. I was enlighten that the presentation was very informative and easy to follow, yet understand. Mr. Leiba and his warm staff gives the seminar a relaxed feel as to not expend one with too much information at once to overwhelm attendees with uneasy investing knowledge. The seminar was a pleasant balance of detailed informative educational material, with a class of professionalism and sincerity for relationships from Mr. Leiba. Very articulate and knowledgeable in his delivery. As aforementioned by you that evening, peace of mind is priceless. You indeed gave my wife Ellen and I that opportunity. Our future assets are secure. We are very pleased. 

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