Lavender Insurance Agency

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406 E. Morris Blvd.
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Alcohol not the only reason for Driving Under the Influence
An national survey discovered that nearly 10 million Americans drive while under the impact of a solution or drug. This underscores the way that many Tennessee drivers don't distinguish that driving in after taking a recommended pharmaceutical could be construed as a crime in Tennessee....

Recent Study Finds One out of ever 4 Tennessee applicants are declined by Health Insurance Companies
Insurers in Tennessee are declining applications at a rate of 25 percent, according to recent data. Though there remains nearly a full year before the true health insurance impact of the healthcare reforms goes into effect, a coverage issue has developed in Tennessee, which is affecting one in every four applicants for coverage in the state....

Experts in Insurance industry choose Ravens to win Super Bowl
Insurance experts who make their living predicting and paying losses overwhelmingly believe that the Baltimore Ravens are headed for a loss in Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII (47 for those who never learned Roman numerals). ...

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