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Is Commercial Property Insurance Required?
Although important and recommended, commercial property insurance isn’t typically required by state or federal law. Instead, you may be required to carry commercial property insurance if you are renting or leasing a location. Your landlord or property owner may require you to carry insurance in order to cover the property from damages....

Common Workers Compensation Injuries Every Business Might Face
Whenever someone goes to work, they could get hurt. Occupational injury risks are present in any business, anywhere at any time. The good news for employees is that most employers are required to provide financial aid through a workers’ compensation insurance policy....

What Do I Need to Get General Liability Insurance?
General liability insurance is one of the most common and important forms of liability insurance for businesses, as it covers accidents that businesses face on a day to day basis. To purchase general liability insurance, you need to provide the right information, including:  ...

Why You Need Business Insurance?
The purpose of business insurance for businesses is to help with costs incurred from potential liability claims and property damage. If a business doesn't have business insurance, the owners risk going out of business due to having to pay out-of-pocket for damages and legal claims....

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