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Thank you so much for helping me get my insurance figured out and everything done in time for my closing! It's great to know I'm working with such a great team and individuals! Thank you for the nice email as well on the day of my closing. Made me smile.

Thanks again.


Good Afternoon,

After three years of holding this position, I have never sent an e-mail like this before but I think it needs to be brought to your attention.  I work with hundreds of insurance agents each year and many times, It’s like pulling teeth trying to get all of the required information that is required for our sub-contractors.  It can be very frustrating at times and they make my job very difficult.

However, dealing with Gwen @ Lancette Agency has been a true pleasure, she never questioned me or gave me a hard time about why I needed such strict insurance documentation, she was quick to get back to me via phone or e-mail and was super nice.  You’ve got a good agent working for you so be thankful for that as many others don’t take this much pride in their work.

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