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3 Steps to Filing a Claim
When you're in an accident, your likely first instincts are generally not the ones that are recommended to drivers at the scene. From admitting fault to losing your temper, it's easy to make a mistake. But no matter how you acted when it occurred, you have the chance to right certain wrongs when you file a claim....

The Claims Covered by General Liability Insurance
Most business owners buy general liability insurance to protect their bottom lines from third party negligence claims. It can help a business avoid hardship if it has an obligation to repay someone it harmed. Often, it provides five types of coverage for liabilities common in most businesses.   ...

Damages You Didn’t Know Were Covered by Home Insurance
At a glance, home insurance seems relatively basic. It protects your physical home and your personal belongings, and can even protect you in the case of certain lawsuits. But home insurance can be a complicated beast and there are many things you may not realize are covered by your home insurance policy....

How Do Surety Bonds Work for a Car?
There are multiple types of surety bonds all designed to help individuals and businesses in different ways. There are a few surety bonds designed to cover your vehicle, as well. Keep in mind that a surety bond is not the same as insurance.  ...

Does Your Car Attract Thieves?
Although you may not like to think about it, the car you drive may be one that thieves are looking to steal. That’s right, certain cars are targets, and you may be driving one. To find out if your car is in danger of being stolen, look at the following lists of the 10 most frequently stolen cars in the United States....

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