Knight-Dik Insurance Agency, Inc.

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Mercantile Center 120 Front Street
Worcester, MA 01608
(508) 753-6353

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Knight-Dik has been my insurance agent for nearly 30 years - I wouldn't use anyone else. Ross and his team are always knowledgeable, helpful and respectful.


My husband and I have been through many different insurance companies in which we felt were highly over priced and their customer service was very poor. Upon obtaining quotes from many different insurance companies, Knight Dik Insurance had the best and the lowest prices for the same coverage and the BEST customer service! Any issue I have had have been resolved in a timely manner and so professionally! I could not be happier with Knight Dik Insurance Company! I have also referred 5 of my friends to Knight Dik Ins in which they have switched to them as well!

I have worked with Knight Dik Insurance for several years. The firm has unmatched customer service coupled with strong subject matter expertise for any business customer I have brought them. Most importantly, they save me time because I know that when I call them, they’ll take care of my customers insurance needs quickly and correctly. With Chris from Knight Dik, i have a partner who has my clients best interests in mind and gets to know the intricacies of their businesses so they can be served well.

As a business owner in the Worcester area I have been counting on Knight Dik for the past three years for their expertise and knowledge in the ever changing automotive industry. Between Chris and his team whenever I have a question regarding any policy they really do a quality and top notch job to either return emails or call me back. Shocking that agents actually do call you back but these individuals do with professionalism and speed. I will continue to use them for personal lines and well as for my business and would recommend them to others.

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