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John Russo handles my firms insurance. He is a knowledgeable insurance broker and we have been using his firm for years.

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5 Things Restaurant Owners Need To Know About Insurance
  1. Exclusions Are Crucial Insurance has exclusions. They vary by operation. If you are getting a new policy, make sure you have coverage such as for assault and battery as well as abuse and molestation. 2. Honesty Is Key Tell the truth about your operation on your application....

3 Reasons You Need the Right Restaurant Insurance
  1. Fire Risks According to the New York City Restaurant Restaurant Fire Safety Guide fires and hazards in restaurants are common.  Each year In NYC from 2017-2021, there were about 200 fires in restaurants. The majority of fires happen on Saturday and Sunday – often in the morning....

Every Home Needs a Home Inventory List
  Whether you live in a private home, condo, or apartment, your valuables may need extra protection. Robbery statistics are up in New York and New Jersey. And, accidents happen... If your valuable items are stolen or damaged, they may not be covered to full value by your homeowners insurance....

Your building's “master” insurance policy will not cover your apartment in the event of a claim. The interior from floors to the walls to the ceilings are your responsibility. Water damage can be very expensive to repair – consider a small added premium to greatly increase your standard coverage....

Anyone who has been shopping for a car recently knows that due to limited availability of new vehicles, consumers are paying far above sticker price to get in that ride. Then, you may have to wait months to take delivery of your new vehicle. If you can’t wait for that new car, used car prices are stuck in high gear too....

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