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I have worked with countless insurance agencies over the years in both personal and professional settings and can say without hesitation that I have never experienced the level of prompt, competent, and truly pleasant customer service as I have with Kinneman Insurance. Given the unique needs of my family, we make changes to our policies (additional drivers, vehicles. etc.) quite often -- sometimes multiple times within a single month. The extent to which Kinneman responds to our requests and meets our needs at every turn truly exemplifies outstanding customer service. If I could give them 10 stars I would!


Kinneman has served me for over 20 years. Great customer service - always fast answers to my questions. Together we have weathered car accidents, name changes, coverage changes, and all the normal things one goes through. They are my partner and they care.


Kinneman Insurance has been a trusted partner for years. It's reassuring to get honest answers for all those questions that come up having a small business.


Always helpful with finding the information needed and looking for the best rates!


Amazing service!

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