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Alex is wonderfully responsive and knowledgeable. He never fails to respond quickly and with the needed information. Great customer service!

Alex Brown with Kinneman Insurance is a rockstar! He is personable, professional, and efficient. Alex is an absolute delight to work with and i would recommend him highly.

They are the absolute best! I was having a hard time finding good rates on insurance after a terrible customer service experience with All State, I almost accidentally found these guys and they have been nothing but exceptional since the day I walked in. I now have two vehicles with them and it is an amazing feeling knowing that good customer service is just a phone call away if I have any issues.

Kinneman Insurance is our go to for ALL of our business and personal needs (i.e. commercial, business, life). Alex has worked extremely hard over the years to ensure that all aspects of our lives is covered without breaking the bank. Thank you Kinneman Insurance.

I have both personal and business insurances through Kinneman, and we have gotten excellent customer service and recommendations over the 20+ years that I have worked with them.

Matt is very professional and patient. He is great to work with! Highly recommend working with him and Kinneman Insurance.

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