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Keystone Insurance Services, Inc has joined an elite group of Trusted Choice agencies in the country. The commitment to customer service is embodied in the Trusted Choice Pledge of Performance, which promises consumers choice, customization and advocacy.

Keystone Insurance Services Inc. helped my family out of an insurance jam. By obtaining quotes and walking us through the options, Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. was able to find us great coverage with better rates than we were able to find on our own. They even managed to find a company that would cover a few medical needs we had previously been denied! I am so thankful we had Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. to help us navigate the often-time overwhelming process of individual care insurance hunting.

After being fed up with the poor customer service from our previous insurer, we were looking for a company that would provide good service with a personal touch. We found that and more with Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. The staff met with us on multiple occasions, took the time to discuss our needs, and educated us on our options. We appreciate that whenever we call we get to speak with a person who is knowledgeable and friendly. Good customer service is hard to find, but we are extremely happy with the service we have received from Keystone Insurance Services, Inc.

I want to thank you for the very thorough and personal attention you gave to my insurance needs. Not only have you provided me with the policies I asked about, but in the process you have provided me with more coverage at a lower cost and made me aware of additional areas of personal and commercial insurance that would suit my needs. In the impersonal and automated world we live in, it is very refreshing to have personal and dedicated service.

Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. has provided the highest level of quality in customer service. They do a superb job of carefully balancing attentive customer service with getting the job done - all without overburdening the customer with too many requests or emails. It's refreshing to deal with companies that take the daily stress out of such tedious work as dealing with insurance policies.

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