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The transparency of this agency, and its agents is something I look for especially when it comes to something like purchasing insurance nowadays when everything is so expensive, and your driving history is not perfect. I recommend this agency to all.  Thank you to the Keats Agency, especially the agent that helped me.

Very professional and responsive. I like dealing with efficient companies. This agency is one of them.

I have to give Karen Lewis a big thumbs up.  I never had quality service with an insurance company like this before.  With her prompt responsiveness and knowledge of insurances is a plus.  She is keen on what the customer needs are as well as wants.  She tailors each policy to that will benefit not only the company but the consumers.


Justin and his team are awesome. I started using Justin two years ago and slowly all my policies are with the Keats Agency. Why? Because he is the best! Thank you, Justin, for keeping saving me money every year and always guiding me through the process.

Justin did an awesome job getting me the best rate on my HOI. I thought it was pretty low already but I ended up saving an additional $200 a year with better coverage.

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