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What Does Special Event Insurance Cover?
Much effort goes into event planning—whether it’s for a wedding, anniversary party or other type of event. You’ll often have to put down deposits that could be lost if your event is cancelled or postponed. Special events insurance can help protect you from these losses.  ...

8 Safety Tips for Truckers
You may not think driving a commercial motor vehicle can be dangerous; however, truckers face their fair share of risk as well. Spending so many hours on the road leads to hundreds of deaths each year, along with thousands more injuries. It’s easy to become complacent behind the wheel, but truckers must always remember to drive with safety in mind....

Ensure Your Information Remains Safe When Doing Online Holiday Shopping
The weeks between Black Friday and Christmas are the busiest shopping period of the year because everyone is getting ready for the holidays. More than ever, people are choosing to do their shopping online to avoid the crowds and long lines. After all, you can shop from almost anywhere and get the same product at a great price shipped right to your door....

Avoiding Material Theft on Construction Sites
Construction takes materials, and it usually involves a budget. You therefore don’t want to have to worry about running out of hard assets while also running out of money. Nevertheless, you can’t predict every instance of asset loss. One frequent occurrence that you don’t want to happen on your site is theft or vandalism....

The Benefits of Trucker Pollution Insurance
Those who drive trucks will need commercial auto insurance. They’ll also need to insure themselves against the harm they might cause others. While liability coverage comes with most policies, it often won’t cover all types of damage. For example, pollution caused by trucking accidents may not have coverage....

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