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Farm Insurance and Security for Barns and Outbuildings
Think of how much it cost you to construct a barn, silo or equipment garage. You don’t want to watch that investment be destroyed in a tornado or go up in flames in a fire. And to make matters worse, you certainly don’t want someone to enter these buildings and damage them or steal the items inside....

Admitted and Non-Admitted Business Insurance
When it’s time to purchase a business insurance policy, it’s time to research some unfamiliar terms. Selecting a comprehensive liability package might be easier than you think—but adhering to your state’s laws and regulations may be a bit tougher.  ...

3 Tips to Save Money on Boat Insurance
Boat insurance might not always be required in the same way that states require auto liability insurance, but prudent boat owners certainly want to protect their investment against accidents or injuries. Boat owners should never assume that their auto or home insurance policies extend to their watercraft....

What Does Landlord Insurance Cover?
As a landlord, your rental properties may provide lucrative income streams. However, owning and renting out premises also includes many risks and exposures. Damage inflicted on your property by various perils, disputes with tenants and accidents affecting other parties could all have significant financial ramifications....

Types of Dental Insurance
According to the CDC, about 82% of children and about 61% of adults go to the dentist each year. Why the difference? Is it because adults don't have problems with their teeth? Probably not. Maybe they are just busy or don't like going to the dentist, or maybe they are afraid of the costs.  ...

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