Grimes Insurance Group, LLC

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112 Wind Chime Ct
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 847-7534

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John and his associates are very nice. They even took the time to personally come to my home after a pipe burst and caused damage to the first floor of my home. I'm very pleased with the way they treat me and would not choose any other agent. Never a problem with my auto insurance either. I'm happy where I'm at.

Mr. Grimes is wonderful to work with - he took the time to explain all my life insurance options. I was able to get a great life policy to protect my family for a lot less than I expected and the process was easy. I highly recommend them for your insurance needs especially life insurance!

I recommend highly the The John Grimes Agency. The staff, Connie, Fran and Peggy, all Licensed Agent's, are able to answer all my insurance questions and help me understand all that insurance lingo. It is nice knowing that you can count on John and his staff to be there for you when needed. Their Customer Service is top knotch and such a pleasure doing business with them!

Let me start by saying I basically NEVER write reviews because I think people can sometimes have alternative motives for a positive or negative review.

With that being said, I felt the need to write one on John Grimes, Nationwide Agent. In a field where there is a lot of chatter about service and quality, but often times little to back up such claims, there is NO DOUBT about who John is and what he stands for. In a word: EXCELLENT.

John has over the years taken the time to get to know me and my family personally, given me the chance to learn about him and his family. He has gone above and beyond our expectations. His knowledge and drive to provide EXCELLENT service are second to none, but what honestly sets him apart is how genuine a person he is. John has proven time and time again he will go to bat for you, be there literally 24/7 for you, offer you advice as if he were your brother / father / son / etc. Combine that with his honesty, integrity, and his ultimate desire to settle for nothing less than total and complete satisfaction of his clients...there really cannot be a better agent in Raleigh.

I HIGHLY recommend John to anyone who wants to have an insurance agent on their side that will provide total piece of mind. I guarantee you WILL NOT be disappointed !

I've been doing business with John and his superb staff for over 7 years now, and each year I am continually impressed by the consistency of their high customer service levels. Keep up the good work!

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