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As a small business owner, I buy and sell homes regularly. The team at JJI is very responsive and allows me to quickly and easily get policies for new properties in force. The claims process has been seamless in a recent roof-hail damage claim and I really appreciate the personal service.

Wow, the team at JJI just saved me more than $1000 on my auto and homeowners’ policy, and that is great news! They keep in touch with me frequently, and are professional and courteous. I know I can trust them as they always look out for my best interests.

I have used JJI for what seems like “forever” . . . it must be 30 years now. They really fight for the best rates that provide the greatest coverage. From my perspective, insurance is a necessity. The team at JJI makes it easy for me to trust the information they give me while having confidence that I have the coverage I need. They are patient and professional and provide the best value for my hard earned dollar.


As a client of JJ Insurance (JJI) for the last four or five years with my personal auto and homeowners policies, I’ve been very happy with both the personal service and claims process I’ve experienced. Before choosing to work with JJI, I was with one of those large, 800 number kind of company's and have found JJI very helpful with any questions that arise.

I will continue to refer friends and clients to JJI for all their insurance needs.


We began using JJ Insurance 30 years ago, and as our needs have evolved, so has JJI. They have molded their products and services to fit our requirements throughout the years and offer us a one stop shop experience.

The JJI team is professional, their response time is excellent and they do a great job for us.

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