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The level of service and attention to my individual needs has never been matched by any other insurance agency. Joe is always striving to find me the best rates for the coverage that I need. Night or day, he’s available to answer my questions and take care of me!

The best of the best.

JFITX (Joe Fanelli) has handled my business and auto insurance for a number of years now and I would want no one else doing so. He works to provide the best coverage, showing concern for cost and complete coverage. He actually takes time to explain the coverage to me when I have questions or concerns. I highly recommend JFITX.

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When asking folks about flood insurance for their homes the first thing I hear is that I'm in the 100 year plain. Over 60% of the claims from Harvey in Houston and surrounding areas also thought that until it happened. All these people thought it would never happen to them since it had never flooded in their area, but then it happened and it was too late for them....

Great Homeowners Rates
    Let us help save you money on your Homeowners Policy.  In Katy we save one Homeowner $1200 a year on their Homeowners Insurance, another in Katy $700.     In Moody we saved a Homeowner $600 a year     In Belton we saved a Homeowner  $400 a year....

Insurance Coverage
   There are companies that state you can pick and choose the coverage you want, all companies give you that option. It amounts to giving up some coverage that you have in exchange for low cost of your premium but can cost you in the long run....

Protect your valuables
In todays world we live in we must take every precaution that we can to protect what we own. There is always someone out there wanting what you have worked hard to get.  The best thing you can do in case of a burglary is to have information that you can give the local authorities to help them recover your valuables, is have the model numbers along with any serial numbers....

Services Offered
Auto Recreational Vehicle
Business & Commercial Renters
Farm Trucking
Flood Watercraft & Boat
Homeowners Windstorm