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I have known Paul Jellison for over 8 years. I met with Paul when I inherited a substantial amount of money and needed advice as to where I could get some income to supplement my social security and have a safe investment for the balance. Paul is professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. We discussed several options and agreed on an annuity. Paul went on explain in detail several different annuities and we agreed on one that has turned out to meet all my goals. He took care of all the paperwork and made quite easy. Recently I had to replace my central air conditioner and speed was of the utmost concern as I live in Texas as we were in a heat wave. I called Paul for suggestions. We agreed on getting portion of the annuity transfered to my checking account. Paul got this accomplished in a few days so now the house is cool. Thanks Paul. Great job!

At one point in my life I felt pretty good about the amount of money I had invested, which I thought was well balanced, and growing in the stock market. I knew of the ups and downs of the stock market, but I was assured by my financial consultant that I had enough time to recover from any downturns. When I was near 50, I lost almost half of my portfolio due to the tech crash. It took several years to gain the money back. Almost eight years later, the crash of 2008 happened, and I again lost almost half of my portfolio value. A few years ago when I turned 65, I knew that I wanted to retire at age 75 and was concerned about the risk of another stock market downturn. The amount of money I had was not enough to gamble with. I saw a commercial on TV about annuities and that was what eventually led me to Paul. Was I skeptical? Yes, but I did months of research. Finally, with Paul's help, I took a chance and plunged into the deep end of the pool. I sold and liquidated all of my investments and bought two annuities. Those annuities, along with my social security, will provide me a guaranteed income for the rest of my life. No more watching the stock market and no more worrying! I have found Paul to be genuine, honest, very attentive, and helpful throughout this process and long after the papers were signed. The character of a person is revealed when actions and words meet over a period of time. The integrity of a person is demonstrated by his character. Paul Jellison is a person you can trust and once you are "welcomed into the family," as he puts it, he will be there for counsel and guidance until he goes off to his retirement years and probably after that. Thank you Paul for helping me to feel more secure about my future.

We've had the distinct pleasure of dealing with Paul Jellison while my husband has been employed with the United States Postal Service. Paul has written many policies for us and has steered us in the right direction for many years he is answered all of our questions regarding our life insurance policy's and is always done so courteously and always with our Best interests in doing so. It's been a pleasure to work with Paul and we continue to work with him and will continue to do so in our retirement

I had the opportunity to meet with Paul regarding my retirement planning and made the decision to move my investments from my 401's and TSP accounts to secure my future with his advice. I was very impressed with his knowledge and his patience in explaining every aspect of the products we reviewed and considered for my situation. I spoke with several financial advisors and knew when I met him that he was not a high pressure salesman and did not profess to have "The Best Investment Product" for me. He gained my trust by taking his time to explain the differences in investment options, explaining benefits as well as costs. After one year I am very happy with my decision to move all of my money including my TSP to prepare for retirement. I no longer worry abut whether my money is loosing value in the stock market or if I will need to work longer than I planned. I also bought a LTD plan that I am very happy with that will protect my income until I retire. Thank you Paul for being there each time I call and ask questions and giving me the opportunity to invest with your agency. This was a big step to my future retirement and I appreciate your expertise.

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