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13200 Strickland Rd. Ste. 114-261
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 917-7048

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Top Notch, Excellent Service and Responses. Jeff is local to Raleigh, but operates online in this area, which allows him to get you the best prices on insurance and not have all the overhead. He saved me over $2500 on Auto Insurance alone! Definitely recommended, and he makes the process a breeze.

Anyone in NC looking for home or auto insurance I truly recommend Jeff Weaver. He is independent and will help you every step of the way get the exact coverage ...you need. You can message me if you need any details (I only know Jeff for his services and don't get anything out of this, he is that good at what he does)

Jeff helped me with home owners insurance and insurance on my car as well. He's thorough and explains everything so you're not lost in the insurance process and lingo! He made sure I got the right coverage for my needs and followed up several times even after everything was done. He's got the experience and skills to deliver top quality work and he also cares about his customers. Give him a call, you won't be disappointed!

Excellent service! Extremely knowledgeable! Jeff is very personable and listens to our needs which can be complicated, at times! He's been our agent for 9 years! He works diligently to find the most coverage for the best price. Most importantly, he keeps us updated with any and all changes to our policies, even during the policy period! He really puts in the effort to keep our insurance costs affordable and keep us safe and covered! We highly recommend Jeff for all your insurance needs!

Jeff is a very dedicated agent who works hard to find affordable policies and to make sure the policies are understood!

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