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Who Needs Life Insurance?
Who needs life insurance? Almost everybody does. The bottom line is, if someone will have to use their own money to pay your bills when you are gone, then you need life insurance.   This applies to people in the following situations:  1. If you are married, you need life insurance....

How Much Renters Insurance Should a Landlord Require?
Renting a property can be mutually beneficial for landlords and tenants. But landlords must protect their investments and ensure the safety and security of their rental properties. One way to achieve this is by requiring tenants to have renters insurance.  What Is Renters Insurance?  ...

4 Types of Additions to Business Owner’s Policies
Business Owner Policy or BOP is a type of business insurance. It is a basic policy providing the most common types of coverage most businesses need. Purchasing a BOP plan makes sense for many companies because combining these commonly needed policies can significantly reduce costs....

Does Your Business Face Cyber Liability Risks?
Many people believe that large companies face the greatest cyber liability risks—a belief that grew stronger after the recent Target data breach. But, in fact, it’s startups and small businesses that are the most vulnerable. Why?...

Credential Stuffing
If and when you get hacked, it’s easy to think cyber criminals used some high-tech program or code to gain access to your accounts. The truth is, however, that data breaches aren’t always this sophisticated, and all malicious parties need is a little trial and error to steal your personally identifiable information....

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