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I received a phone call from a Nationwide Agent, Kat Paxton to talk to me about lowering my son's insurance premium. I was a little shocked that she was going to move his from an underwriter to Nationwide but she assisted me in doing just that. She was able to lower his bill so I asked about mine. I have had Nationwide for many years and after taking a look at my record, coverage, and address she was able to lower my monthly rate by 76.00 a month. After hanging up the phone I was still in shock so I called her back to make sure is wasn't a scam. She assured me it was not and was able to offer me proof. I am so thankful to Kat Paxton for helping me and for being such a sweet, helpful person to work with. Thank you Nationwide for hiring such great people that help you.

Great insurance agent! Any time I have a problem, all I have to do is call. They are always looking out for my interest and letting me know when I might need to review my policy! Would recommend them to anyone!

I've never received anything but 5 star service from the staff of James Epps Insurance Agency! I don't have to worry if my insurance needs are meet; The friendly staff work very hard to make sure I am satisfied as a customer! I Highly Recommended the James Epps Insurance Agency!

Best insurance friendly and very professional explains everything so the average person can understand insurance

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