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I have done business with Mike for over a decade. Not only do I appreciate his excellent service, quick responses, and great rates but how he takes our business relationship and makes it feel like a family, I would highly recommend Mike and ISE Insurance Services. I won't be going anywhere else.

Mike and I have been doing business many years together. He has handled claims and assisted me quickly when I was in need of immediate service. He has always come in with better coverage and under his competitors prices. Over the years he and I have become friends and I have no problem what so ever recommending him to anyone. After Ten years to not have any unresolved issues and be completely satisfied I think that says allot. Thank you Mike, I appreciate you.

Mike Vanlue (ISE Insurance) has been a real professional person (business) . We have done business over 15 years with Mike. There has been times that they could not get the best deal for Shane and Dave's Truck Shop , so ISE (Mike) sent us were the best deal was, Mike (ISE Insurance has a lot of integrity. I really enjoy doing business and talking to them (ISE insurance) . One other thing is when and if there is a problem (claim , ETC.) they handle it in a timely matter. Thanks again Mike (ISE Insurance).

Mike Vanlue is a consummate professional with a constant willingness to go above and beyond when it was needed. I highly recommend ISE Insurance Services.

 Mike is an excellent insurance agent. He always follows through on his commitments and when I call or email he gets back to me quickly to let me know an answer or that he is working on finding me an answer. He is very personable and works hard to assist his clients. I would recommend Mike Vanlue for your business insurance needs.

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