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Isabel was great. Fast and efficient.

I usually don’t write reviews but my experience with Isabel was so great I had to let other people seeking a great car insurance company know! I let my coverage lapse & when I called & was trying to pay my car insurance again she informed me I’d have to re-evaluate for a new quote. 2 years ago I was in a wreck that I was not at fault in but for some reason in the file it said I was at fault even though indeed I was NOT & that when renewed my monthly cost go up nearly $50-$60! I was confused but Isabel politely explained to me if I got my police report it could go back down. I was worried all the information I gave to her for the new quote would be deleted but she saved it in for me & reassured me that if I called & asked for her the next day with the police report, that it would decrease back down to what I was originally paying monthly. ... She texted me that morning & we were able to get my contract back going at my usual cost & she also let me know if I stopped lapsing for 6 months then my monthly cost could go down! I’ve been with them for years and never knew that so I’m happy she informed me! Not only was Isabel very pleasant & polite but she also texted me for updates on our email problems & stayed on the phone for a long 30 minutes to make sure I could get my coverage back! She thanked me for my patience but really I should be thanking her bearing through the troubles & correcting them! She also asked if I wanted my ID cards emailed separately even though they were in my contract to make it easier for me to prevent all of the page scrolling. Isabella was very patient & so amazing! This company has a great employee that goes above & beyond for their customers!

When I needed things changed on my policy and had questions, Isabela took the time to work with me and kept communicating with me as a friend and not just a customer.

Daniel is super friendly and helpful! I would definitely recommend him for any of your insurance needs!

Daniel is awesome! Definitely go see him for your insurance needs!

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