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Missed an Auto Insurance Payment: What to Do Now
Making on-time payments to your auto insurance company is critical.   Usually, making your payment at one time to cover the entire coverage period is best. If that’s not possible, many insurers allow you to make monthly payments. However, missing just one of those payments can lead to the cancellation of your policy....

Prep Your Team to Handle Workers Compensation Insurance Claims
Workers compensation insurance, whether it is a legally required type of insurance or one that your business selects because of its financial benefits, is can be an important financial protection. This type of plan can offer financial protection for your business to cover the losses of your employees if they become ill or are injured on the job....

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a General Liability Insurance Policy
Before you ever open your business for clients and customers, you will need general liability insurance to protect your assets. However, not all general liability insurance policies are created equal. General liability insurance covers three main areas:  ...

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?
Businesses rely on a wide range of physical assets—including buildings, furniture, technology, inventory and raw materials, among others—to conduct their operations successfully. The loss, damage or destruction of this property could wreak havoc on any business....

4 Common Mistakes That Cause Fires
Fires can happen in a number of ways. They may occur because of a product defect or as the result of an accident. However, sometimes they are the result of a bad habit or mistake that someone unknowingly makes. Four of these mistakes are discussed below.  Smoking in Bed  ...

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