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Cyber Liability Insurance 101
As you looked at that title, did you think, “There is no way I need this type of insurance?” After all, you aren't in the medical field or another field that keeps private information. Or are you?  Ask yourself these questions:  1. Do you store non-public information about employees?...

10 Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Winter
It may not seem too bad right now, but winter is coming. And when it does, you don't want to be outside taking care of your car. The time to do it is before the worst of the season hits, so use this checklist to make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold.  1. Give the car a thorough cleaning, inside and out....

What Insurance Do You Need for a Commercial Property?
When looking for a location for their business, many businessowners can get caught up in the excitement of getting their feet off the ground and forget about one of the most important aspects of finding a commercial property—securing adequate insurance to protect that property.  ...

Protect your Home with Umbrella Insurance
Listening to the news, it seems like we are all in for a long winter. The news also hints about lots of snow and ice lasting into the spring months. Ice and snow bring the benefit of moisture for the ground, but they also bring the opportunity for people to get injured.  ...

Common Auto Insurance Mistakes
Did You Know?  You may not think an error on your auto insurance application is a big deal, but the consequences can be costly. Providing inaccurate information on your application can lead to increased premiums, policy cancellations or limited financial assistance in the event of an accident....

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