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3645 Marketplace Blvd., Unit 130-541
East Point, GA 30344
(844) 707-1712

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Thank you kindly Ms. Cheryl (The Insurance Queen) for going the extra mile...and taking great care of my Mom's insurance needs as well as mine. I am grateful that our paths crossed...and I will spread the word about your first class/exceptional service!~~;-) YOU ARE AWESOME!!

I am excited to be working with someone who is as amazing as Cheryl!

Excellent Customer Service! Cheryl was extremely helpful and caring. She made the process of getting insurance simple and painless. I would recommend this company to anyone. So happy to have connected with her!

Very great with customer service, always listening to what my needs are. She is very caring for my concerns. Great person to do business with.

Cheryl is customer service driven, a true Innovative, detailed oriented professional.

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