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Protecting Your Employees In A Virtual World
  Due to COVID-19, many businesses have become almost completely virtual. With this new shift, it’s more important than ever that businesses take the necessary precautions to protect employees. By giving your team the proper tools and having protective policies, you can keep your employees safe as they navigate being fully remote....

Protecting Your Business In A Virtual World
 With many now conducting business virtually, sensitive information needs to be protected. Desmond Clark, Vice President of The Insurance People, explains the necessity of cyber security and cyber security insurance. Watch here....

Benefits of Group Insurance for Small Businesses
  Being a small business owner or employee shouldn’t mean you don’t have options when it comes to health insurance. As long as your business has an EIN number, you can participate in, and benefit from group health insurance....

Exchange 101: On/Off Exchange
   Wondering how to apply for an Affordable Care Act plan? Alexandra Eidenberg, Founder of The Insurance People, explains the difference between buying your insurance on or off exchange. Watch here. ...

The Insurance People's Desmond Clark on WGN Radio
Desmond Clark recently sat with WGN Radio's Matt Bubala to talk about the new insurance realities for the service industry. Hear the full interview here. ...

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