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Reflections On Black History Month
  As I reflect on Black History Month, I think about my own education on our history. More specifically, I think about the evolution of my education on our history. As I look at the knowledge I have gained about the Black experience in America, I am overwhelmed with pride knowing the struggle that has taken place for me to be in a position to write this....

Liability Insurance Explained
  When it comes to property and casualty insurance, having liability insurance is the most essential piece. Here’s everything you need to know about liability insurance from our insurance experts.    What does Liability cover? ...

Medicare: Supplements & Advantage Plans
   Original Medicare coverage is Part A and B. Most folks add on Supplements or Advantage Plans to cover additional expenses such as copayments and deductibles. Two types of plans assist with covering extra costs: Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement insurance....

Medicare: Part D
Part D of Medicare plays a crucial role in ensuring folks have healthcare coverage that takes care of all their needs. It covers medication and makes prescriptions more affordable. Here’s everything you need to know about Part D.     The Cost ...

Special Enrollment Periods
  Open Enrollment is November 1st - December 15th. If you do not apply during Open Enrollment, you can apply throughout the year when you have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Keep reading for everything you need to know about enrolling in health insurance outside of open enrollment. ...

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