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Grant, I want to thank you again for all your help.  You never seem too busy to help us and that's not something you see often these days.  Your quick, friendly, and often humorous help is greatly appreciated in this household.  I hope those you work with and for appreciate you, too.  Many thanks

They always answer my questions so promptly.


I thought the days of personal service were gone.  Everything seems to be about self service now a days, whether it's gas, banking, or even insurance.  I was only a letter of the alphabet to my previous insurance agency.  I would have to call and check in myself to find if my coverage was adequate or outdated.

Then along came Maggie Wood of Columbia Gorge Insurance Agency.  Now if I ask a question, it is answered promptly and I know that I have the best policy for my family and me.  She is always courteous and professional, a true joy to work with.  Thanks Maggie!"


They are great and always very helpful!


In this day and age insurance is a must. Buying it, however, can be a daunting experience. When Marshall and I went looking for our insurance needs we definitely made the right choice in choosing Columbia Gorge Insurance. Maggie and Ramona are efficient, knowledgeable and don’t try to baffle us with terms that might confuse us. They listen to our needs and concerns and put into place a program that suits us all the way around. They don’t try to sell us into things that we don’t need or want and we definitely will use them again when our needs expand. Maggie goes above and beyond and is more than just our insurance agent - she is our friend."

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