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Which Insurance is Right for me ?
Well, we need to know more about you. The first issue is where do you live ? Property and Casualty Insurance is regulated by the individual states. So, where you live will help shape all of our other answers to your question. If you are looking for auto , home, condo, renters, life insurance and live in AZ, CA,GA, MO,TX, visit us on line at www....

Why do you buy life insurance ?
Life insurance is not for the person who dies. It is to help and assist the living in carrying on after the loved one is deceased. So fundamentally you buy life insurance to help your family continue on especially in the event that you die unexpectedly or at a young age....

What happens when you can not find an insurer for homeowners ?
In Property Insurance in particular there is something called the Excess and Surplus Lines Market. When the normal market is not available such as because insured is overseas or too many prior claims etc. There is an opportunity to shop through most independent agents for an Excess and Surplus Lines policy....

What Happens When You Hit A Car With No Insurance?
I am assuming that you hit a car while YOU do not have insurance. In which case you are going to be responsible for the injuries or damage out of your own pocket. You may also be required to prove financial responsibility by demonstrating that you now have a policy in place to continue driving ...

Can I switch homeowners Insurance ?
This is a great topic for one peculiar reason. Many folks in the US have forced placed insurance. This is the mortgage company taking over responsibility for securing coverage when you as the property owner have failed to do so. The main problem is that forced placed insurance is usually very expensive and imposed on the least educated consumers....

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