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I was pretty jacked up about my new higher premium. Rebecca stepped me through the reasons. Then we visited about the value of good credit. Great rep.


this company! Great service!

I have been with Insurance Beacon for many years. Great service and quick to respond. Would not go anywhere else

Cheree was great!! She handled everything that we needed with expertise and kindness!!

I've heard very good things about you. I'm recommending to all my friends and family who live in that area! ♥

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Do you know what your Auto Insurance Policy covers?
You should review your auto insurance policy on an annual basis.  Here are some items to look at: 1)      Deductibles: In some cases, your deductible may be set too low. The premium you pay for that lower deductible rate is, a lot of times, more than the deductible you would pay out in an accident....

What is Personal Injury?
We have had many clients inquire about Personal Injury and what exactly it is.  Here is a great description from Wikipedia to help inform you on "What is Personal Injury?" Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property.[1] ...

Know That Sewer Back Up Insurance Is Not The Same As Flood Insurance
Some homeowner insurance policies do not cover flood damages. Homeowners, business owners and renters in communities that participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) can purchase policies or riders to protect property and contents. Policies average about $570 a year and can start as low as $119....

Why did my insurance premimum increase when I did not have a claim?
Sometimes, even f you haven't had an accident or filed a claim, your insurance premiums may go up.  Here are a few reasons your premiums may change. 1. Increasing occurrences of catastrophic weather (e.g., wind, hail, heavy snow, ice) has resulted in a rise in total claims paid out for damages....

Does my auto policy cover me when I rent a car?
Generally, your personal auto insurance should extend to a rental car. A rental car most likely would be covered by Collision coverage or Liability coverage, depending on the company in which your policy is issued, because you're temporarily driving it and you don't own it....

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