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General Liability Insurance and Its Extensions
When you own a business, you want to do your job successfully. That means creating satisfactory products, interactions and results for your customers.  Still, no one is perfect, and you can’t expect your business to be all the time, either. Mistakes are going to happen. Problems will occur....

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage for School Buses
School bus drivers may need comprehensive insurance to protect themselves and those they drive. Commercial auto insurance may apply in some situations. A complete policy will help the driver and the owner of the vehicle to remain protected. There are a few key things to keep in mind before selecting this type of coverage....

What is Advertising Coverage for a Business Owners Policy?
Business owners policies (BOPs) are useful tools for small businesses in low risk industries to save money on important insurances such as general liability and commercial property insurance. These policies are flexible, allowing you to add different coverage types as needed....

Home Matters - Chimney Maintenance
Many homes enjoy the ambiance and relaxation of a fireplace. But even with a fireplace, there is danger. It is important to make chimney care part of your home maintenance plan to fight the risk of fire or the inhalation of dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Keep your chimney in good shape with these tips:  ...

Antique and Classic Car Insurance
Since you have purchased a classic or antique vehicle, you’ll want to insure it properly, as it is an investment.  Coverage Inclusions  A typical classic car insurance policy includes the following:    ...

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