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Awesome, kind and very helpful are just a few words to describe my experience! Thank you Jake Richard ; you are the best!!

I was on the internet doing some research on purchasing health insurance and trying to decide which company would best suit me. It never occurred to me how many people work within the health insurance industry and aren't knowledgeable about the best healthcare plan a person can purchase. It can be over-whelming when you aren't sure what questions to ask. For instance, how much health insurance should a family have? Can I choose a plan that I can afford with the Doctor of my liking? Does retirement affect my choice? Should I considere my yearly income? Does the health plan I choose affect my taxes at the end of the year? Mr. Dennis Vallejo is certainly knowledgeable, professional, and is a charismatic Advisor. He will alleviate any uncertainties you might have. Be prepared for a free education about health insurance. NO pressure! Rest assurred you will leave relaxed and confident about the advice you will receive and the choices you make after leaving their office.

Dennis is FANTASTIC! He is very knowledgeable and hospitable. He's always available for questions and will make time to help you. I'll certainly be back for 2020!

In late 2017 Dennis Vallejo helped me acquire medical coverage that, on my own, I was having difficulty obtaining. Six months later I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I cannot exaggerate how much gratitude I have for Insurance Advisors and Mr. Vallejo. They helped me navigate the insurance process that ultimately provided me with the resources necessary to receive the care I have needed.

I recently lost cobra coverage after 20 years of working with the same company, so shopping for insurance seemed like an overwhelming task. I also have several serious medical conditions that require specialists, so finding the right coverage was very important. Dennis Vallejo helped me to find a health plan that included all of my doctors and has sufficient coverage. He did not try to push the most expensive plan, but instead gave me all of my options and then allowed me to choose which one suited me best. The process was quick, and he managed to answer any and all questions that I had...and there were a lot!! He’s very patient and responds quickly. The staff in the office is also very friendly and eager to help. I would recommend Insurance Advisors to anyone. In fact, I recommended my parents, and they had the same great results. This is a great place for all your insurance needs!

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