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Why You Need Home Business Insurance
The number of Americans that have a business out of their home is growing tremendously. In fact, over 12 million are Americans are doing such a thing right now but the most alarming number is that an estimated 60 percent of them don’t have any business insurance.   ...

10 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance
Have you been on the fence about buying life insurance? On one hand, it’s a great way to ensure your family’s financial security. On the other hand, it’s an investment that doesn’t directly affect your own life....

When Does Farm Insurance Pay Out?
When you have to file a claim on your farm insurance policy, you will go through a similar process as you normally would for a typical commercial insurance policy. This process generally includes calling your insurance agent to file the claim and providing details about the event and your losses.  ...

Common Home Insurance Claims and The Benefits that Cover Them
You want to buy home insurance because of the instrumental protection it provides when helping you protect your property value and your net worth. Most mortgage lenders require loan applicants to have a plan to qualify for financing, in fact. This is a critical piece of protection that can protect you in numerous ways....

How Much is Farm Insurance?
Farm insurance is designed specifically to cover the dangers an agricultural business may face day to day, from crop damage and cattle death to lawsuits. The cost of this insurance is hard to pinpoint, as premiums vary depending on several factors such as your location, size of the farm, coverage limits and more....

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