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Nick and Chelsea were great professionals to work with throughout the process of generating our auto and home owners insurance policies. They were very informative and were more than willing to explain each part of the insurance policies, which was greatly beneficial. They also look-out for the best interests of their customers, which is hard to come by when it comes to insurance agencies. They are going to find you the best deals for whatever insurance policies you are wanting to obtain, which is why I would highly recommend Hoosier Insurance Group for anyone.

Nick Hazlett and the Hoosier Insurance Group have been great to work with! Every time I have a question or request a change, they are right on it and provide high-quality service. Thank you to Nick and his team!

"I saved over $450/yr!  Thank you for all of your hard work!"

You are one of a kind!  You took a lot more time with me than any other agent and through your education I realized how much I didn't understand about my insurance.  Thanks for all of your help!

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