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Personal Article Floaters
  If you lose your ring in the lake, is it covered on your homeowner’s insurance policy? Your home policy may protect your valuables up to a certain amount, but if you have expensive jewelry, fine arts, collectibles, etc., a Personal Articles Floater (PAF) may be a good idea....

What determines your home insurance premium?
Have you ever wondered what goes into determining your home insurance premium?  Below is a list of just some of the items used to determine how much you will pay to insure your home. - Replacement Cost - Age & Construction of Home - Dog Breed (if any) - Wood-Burning Stoves ...

Does cut-rate insurance save you money?
With the extra time at home, people have been starting to find ways to save money including shopping for cheaper insurance.  However, does cheaper insurance actually save you money?  If you are looking at switching things up, consider the below questions before moving forward. ...

What to do after a car accident
While states continue to re-open, that means there are more people on the road and increased risk of accidents.  While we hope you never have to use them, below are some steps to follow in the event you are in an accident. Stay Calm ...

Umbrellas...they're not just for rain
What is an umbrella policy? A policy that provides additional liability coverage that kicks in ater your other insurance policies have reached their coverage limits.  Personal Umbrella policies typically offer between one and five million dollars of liability coverage. What does it cover? ...

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